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My car came with a vehicle security device from the factory that is built into the ignition key. Why would I need a Ravelco?

Every foreign and domestic vehicle manufacturer in the United States currently uses this type of security system, and the technology has been around for years. But there are various ways thieves get around these systems. Keep in mind that close to one million vehicles are being stolen in the United States every year. For more information on how thieves bypass the security systems installed by vehicle manufacturers and your need for additional protection, please see our page on factory car security.

Can I use Ravelco in conjunction with my existing alarm or vehicle security system?

Yes, you can. Because Ravelco works differently than other vehicle security systems, it does not interfere with their function. Ravelco is compatible with all other factory and aftermarket vehicle security products.

What happens if I lose my Ravelco plug?

This is a common question but need not be a concern. Each Ravelco Antitheft Device comes with two plugs, so you’ll have a spare. You may also order as many additional spare plugs as you wish. To minimize the chances that you’d ever lose your plug in the first place, we provide specialty detachable keychains, which allow the Ravelco plug to be connected to your vehicle key when it is not in use.

I’ve had alarm systems in the past that drained my car battery. Is this a concern with Ravelco?

Ravelco is not a car alarm. Unlike alarms, Ravelco does not use battery power to work. A professionally installed Ravelco can never drain your vehicle battery, because it is not connected to the battery. Of the common problems that sometimes occur with alarm systems – draining of the vehicle battery, malfunctioning or requiring a reset procedure if battery power is lost, ceasing to protect the vehicle when a thief intentionally disconnects battery power – none are relevant with Ravelco.

How do you make the electrical connections for the Ravelco install?

We solder and crimp our electrical connections and then permanently seal them with adhesive heat shrink to ensure that the connections will never become loose or corroded. The connections that we make are stronger than the original wire. We guarantee that no Ravelco installer will ever make electrical connections by just twisting wires together and wrapping them with electrical tape, which is an unfortunate practice used by some alarm shops.

How big is the Ravelco plug?

At just over an inch in diameter, the Ravelco plug is smaller than the typical key fob many people use for remotely locking and unlocking their car doors. The Ravelco plug has more depth than most key fobs in order to accommodate the pins and circuitry inside, but it is extremely lightweight and designed to be carried comfortably in one’s pocket or purse.

Will having a Ravelco installed void my vehicle’s factory warranty?

A Federal Law (Magnuson - Moss Act) protects you against a car dealer voiding your warranty simply because you have an aftermarket product installed in your vehicle. Car dealers install aftermarket products such as vehicle alarms, remote starters, and high-end audio-visual systems into cars every day. A Ravelco Antitheft Device is no different. Be careful of any car dealer who tells you that aftermarket equipment will void your warranty just to frighten you into buying a different system that the dealership stands to profit from selling to you.

Do you offer other security options in addition to Ravelco that make noise or have blinking lights to scare off thieves?

No, Ravelco is the only product we sell. Countless vehicles have been stolen that had noisemaker alarms and blinking red lights, and it is clear that the only red lights that car thieves run from are the ones on top of police cars! Please visit our page on car alarms for much more information. To deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle, we provide two warning labels that attach to the side windows, warning of the presence of the Ravelco.

Shouldn’t I have a noisemaker alarm to protect the contents of the vehicle?

Unfortunately, there is no car alarm or antitheft device that can truly protect the contents of your vehicle. If a thief sees a briefcase, a shopping bag, a GPS system, or anything else inside the vehicle that he wishes to steal, he can break a window, take the item, and be gone within seconds. Nothing in the world can stop a smash-and-grab thief! Your best strategy is simply to keep all valuables in your vehicle out of plain sight. And if you are carrying cargo, tools, or anything else substantial, then preventing the vehicle itself from being stolen is important. Why? Because thieves often will not take the time or risk the exposure of loading cargo from your vehicle into theirs. Instead, they will attempt to steal your entire vehicle so that the contents can be unloaded at a safe location.

What happens if a tow truck tries to steal my vehicle?

First off, it is important to realize that theft by towing is rare. The VAST majority of vehicles are stolen by driving them away. Having said that, there are several simple strategies you can use to help circumvent towing: (1) Always lock your doors, close your windows, leave your vehicle in Park (automatic transmission) or in gear (manual transmission), and use your emergency brake. (2) Turn your wheels all the way to the left or right when you park your car. In the event a tow truck tries to steal your vehicle, the angle of the wheels will make your vehicle track in a big circle. This attracts attention . . . and no tow truck driver wants to tow a vehicle that is traveling beside him in the next lane. (3) Pull into your parking spot with a front-wheel-drive vehicle or back into your spot with a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, and park as close to a stationary structure (wall, garage, another vehicle) as possible. These steps will encourage the tow truck driver to look for an easier target.

Can I install the Ravelco myself?

Ravelco is designed to be professionally installed by a trained, certified Ravelco technician. There are a number of proprietary and vehicle-specific installation techniques that we do not make public and only your professional installer will know to employ. Our installation strategies are tailored for each job and specifically designed to combat the methods professional thieves are using to steal each type of vehicle. Proper installation consists of much more than just connecting up the Ravelco according to a generic set of instructions. One exception to professional installation is when we are able to provide training to the prospective installer. This is primarily applicable to fleet mechanics and those purchasing Ravelcos in quantity for commercial vehicle use.

Will having a Ravelco on my car affect any future repair work I have done?

Maintaining the serviceability of the vehicle is a top priority for every Ravelco installation. With factory wiring diagrams for every car and truck on the road at our disposal, we are able to locate wires and choose our installation strategies intelligently. All steps of the install process – from the mounting location of the Ravelco base unit all the way to the points of electrical connection – are done to ensure that the presence of the Ravelco will not interfere with any future work that may be done on your vehicle.


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