"Arguably the best anti theft device known to man."



The Ravelco Antitheft Device was developed in Houston, Texas in 1976. Since that time, countless alarm and antitheft device companies have come and gone out of business, yet the Ravelco company has continued to grow and thrive for one simple reason – the product actually works to prevent auto theft. Whenever you leave your vehicle, all you have to do is “pull out the plug” and connect it to your key chain. It is like taking part of the engine with you.

8-Minute Test

A testament to the effectiveness of the Ravelco Antitheft Device came in Mexico City when the Ravelco was put to the test by CESVI-MEXICO, a company owned by the seven major insurance companies in Mexico. They had professional thieves try to hot-wire one of the most stolen vehicles in Mexico City, a Nissan Sentra that had a Ravelco installed on it. The CESVI Company said they would approve Ravelco if it took more than 8 minutes to bypass, i.e., the "8-minute test". After cutting wires and trying for 35 minutes the thieves finally gave up. The next day they had the vehicle towed to a Nissan dealer to get it rewired and able to start. While the Ravelco could not be defeated even after 35 minutes, every other alarm, tracking system, and antitheft device tested was bypassed in under 3 minutes.


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