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The majority of vehicles are stolen by professional car thieves. They are organized, often work in teams, and they are familiar with how various security systems work and know how to disable them quickly. It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of any security device before entrusting it to protect your vehicle.

1. TRACKING SYSTEMS – Tracking systems come into play only after the vehicle has been stolen, doing nothing to prevent the actual theft. The problem with this is that by the time the victim reports his or her vehicle stolen, it may have already been stripped and dumped. Thieves use sophisticated debugging equipment to locate and dispose of hidden tracking devices, drive the stolen cars out of range, or block the tracking signals by parking stolen vehicles in certain covered areas. Even cars that are recovered without being stripped still often have significant damages. Substantial effort can also be required in cleaning and odor removal once the car has been returned. Further, these systems are not available in all areas, and they are expensive ($695 and up, often with a monthly fee). Even in the best-case scenario for a tracking system of a car being stolen and recovered with little damage, the car was still stolen, and that information is made publicly available on vehicle history reports such as CarFax. People are reluctant to buy a car that has been stolen, and vehicle owners can lose hundreds or thousands of dollars in the resale value of their cars after a theft. Wouldn't you prefer to prevent your vehicle from being stolen in the first place?

2. FACTORY SECURITY (SMART KEY) SYSTEMS – Essentially every new foreign or domestic vehicle manufactured today comes with a factory-installed security system that requires the ‘real’ ignition key for the car to start. These factory immobilizers have made it more difficult to steal cars than it once was, but these systems alone are not sufficient protection to prevent a car from being stolen. For example, for years the Cadillac Escalade ranked highest in overall theft losses of all vehicles on the road. According to the editors at MSN Auto: "The Escalade's theft losses have been the highest in recent years even though this vehicle is equipped with a standard anti-theft ignition immobilizer which is designed to prevent the vehicle from being started without the proper key." There are various ways thieves can bypass factory-installed security systems to steal a vehicle. Common techniques include computer swapping, overriding the factory security system with a laptop computer, or illegally obtaining a key to the vehicle using the VIN and simply driving the vehicle away. Please do not believe any car salesman who claims that your vehicle is impossible to steal because of its factory-installed security system, because this is simply not true.

3. CAR ALARMS – Who hasn't heard and ignored a car alarm? People have become desensitized to them due to so many false alarms. A national survey by the Progressive Insurance Company found that fewer than 1% of people would call the police if they heard a car alarm going off. Countless vehicles equipped with car alarm systems have been stolen. Many alarms can be bypassed right under the dash in a matter of seconds. The fact that car alarm manufacturers often color code the alarm wires according to their function makes it even easier for a thief familiar with the system to defeat it. Even some alarm systems that claim to have anti-scan or anti-code grabbing technology can still be disarmed, as demonstrated on CBS’s The Early Show and 48 Hours. A massive study undertaken by the nonprofit Highway Loss Data Institute, which examined over 73 million insurance claims, found that cars with alarms “show no overall reduction in theft losses” compared to cars without alarms. Several nonprofit groups have even worked to have noisemaker car alarms banned, citing that they are ‘alarmingly useless’.

4. THE CLUB and the AUTOLOCK – Widely advertised, The Club is probably the best-known antitheft product. But as demonstrated on CBS's American Journal, a car thief using a hacksaw can cut through the vehicle's steering wheel and remove The Club in just 22 seconds. The program also demonstrated how a thief can spray freon into the locking mechanism of The Club, hit the now frozen lock with a hammer, and shatter it like glass, enabling him to remove The Club. In addition, there is a device called the Club Buster, which claims to break The Club and AutoLock devices in 60 seconds. The Club Buster is intended for locksmiths, tow truck operators, and auto repossession professionals, but anyone can buy it for $90 over the internet.


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