"Arguably the best anti theft device known to man."



The unparalleled success of the Ravelco Antitheft Device at preventing auto theft has led to Ravelco being featured and reviewed in a number of articles and news stories. Here are a few excerpts:

Quoting Car & Driver magazine's list of the ‘Top Five Ways to Avoid Car Theft’: "Use an antitheft device that is visible to the thief. One such device cited repeatedly by police and insurance consultants is the Ravelco, a steel-encased engine disabler activated by removing a small dash key." Ravelco is the only antitheft device mentioned by name, and it is the only product pictured in the article. Car & Driver is the largest automotive magazine in the world.
– ‘The Bait Cars of Modesto’, Aaron Robinson, Car & Driver


“I did lots of research to find a practical, affordable, and most of all, effective theft deterrent – and I ended up looking at Ravelco... I was present during the installation and can unequivocally state that this system is for real. On top of the Ravelco's design and the standard in-depth installation that uses yards of identical black wiring, I witnessed [my installer] doing several other Ravelco tricks in the engine bay, all of which were designed to thoroughly confuse a would-be thief. The Ravelco is a real paradox: a simple design that makes theft very tough for the bad guys. Interesting aspects of the Ravelco system include the fact that these wires work in pairs, and if a thief starts clipping them, your car won't run. Trying to imitate the coded plug by probing the base unit won't work either – with over 100,000 combinations, through 16 holes, this would take some time if you didn't start blowing fuses (Which you would!)... Car thieves are smart enough to swap out high-end vehicles' computers to work with a key that they already have, or write down the VIN number, go to a dealership, and get a new key for your car right there, but they won't be able to figure this out!”
‘Your Loss? An Affordable and Effective Solution to Vehicle Theft’,
Rick Jensen, Editor, GM High-Tech Performance


Quoting Joe Wehrle, President and CEO of the National Insurance Crime Bureau: "Anyone who has had their car stolen knows the headaches and costs associated with their loss. While the number of thefts continues to decline, nearly a million vehicles are still being stolen each year and that's costing insurance companies and their customers millions of dollars every day. The technology provided by Ravelco is one of the layers of theft deterrence that we recommend to drivers. If you can't start the car, it's going to be very hard to steal it."
‘NICB and Ravelco Partner to Offer Discount to Insurance Companies Customers', Fox Business

Sam Memmolo and Bryan Fuller, hosts of the TV show Two Guys Garage, discuss the Ravelco Antitheft Device on the SPEED Channel


“As the values of musclecars, hotrods, and classics continue to rise, so does theft. Ravelco’s anti theft device offers a unique solution for gearheads looking to protect their cars with an easy-to-use security device consisting of a small 16 pin-plug that can be mounted out of sight under the dash where it won’t affect the original appearance or electrical system of a collector car. Essentially, when you remove the plug, it’s like cutting the vehicle’s wiring harness at several locations. Without inserting the plug there is no way for a thief to start the car.”
– ‘Test and Tune: Classic Car Security’, Hot Rod


“When we busted car thieves in Modesto, the Ravelco anti-theft device was cited by name by the cops, so we decided to fit one to our precious Eclipse. The big appeal over wake-you-up-at-4 a.m. car alarms is that the Ravelco is simple, with no power required. A wiring shunt is soldered into the car’s starting and ignition circuits, the connections hidden amid the miles of cables in the bowels of the engine compartment. The shunt is itself disguised within a knot of wires that run in a steel-sheathed conduit to a 16-pin connector on the lower dash. The car will start and run only if the matching Ravelco key is inserted in the connector to complete the circuit… How’s it work? So far, no one’s boosted the car."
– ‘Long-Term Test of Mitsubishi Eclipse GT: Anti-Theft Key’, Aaron Robinson, Car & Driver


“Time is a thief’s enemy; consequently, the longer it takes to steal your [vehicle] the more likely the perpetrator will be interrupted, or hopefully, caught… The time-honored method of starting a car when stealing it is “hot-wiring” the ignition. The engine will start by using a jumper wire under the hood to supply the ignition with power and energizing the starter by shorting across the solenoid’s terminals with a screwdriver. A similar procedure can be used on the ignition switch inside the car. Ironically, modern locking steering columns actually make the process easier. The column is simply “popped” or broken, and then a screwdriver or a pair of pliers can be used to pull the rod that activates the ignition switch at the bottom of the column. Our point is, a good thief can get your [car] running in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, if the engine won’t start, the thief probably won’t take the time to troubleshoot… The Ravelco Anti-Theft Device is attached to a number of wires your engine requires to run. You then have the ability to disconnect those wires by pulling the plug and taking it with you. Then, even with the ignition key, the car will not start if the Ravelco plug is not inserted. And with over 100,000 combinations, there is no way for a thief to guess which combination of pins goes to which circuits.”
– 'Guard Duty: Security for Street Rods’, Street Rodder, Ron Ceridono


“The reason for its effectiveness is the Ravelco Anti-Theft Device completely immobilizes drivers’ cars in an easy, convenient manner by using a simple approach to stopping thieves. The key to stopping car theft is not letting the thief drive away… The 16-pin plug allows owners to disengage and carry it with them when they are done driving. The Ravelco uses copper beryllium pins, a memory alloy that is durable and resistant to stretching or breaking. Each plug pin is uniquely keyed to fit the base unit, and there are no master plugs. When the correct plug is inserted, the ignition key will start the vehicle. Without the plug, even the vehicle’s key won’t start the engine. Removing the Ravelco plug is the equivalent of removing a piece of the engine.”
– ‘Ravelco Security Device Offers the Best Protection for a Collector Car from Any Era’, Daily News


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