"Arguably the best anti theft device known to man."



  • Unparalleled track record of success in preventing vehicle theft
  • Millions of installations worldwide over 45 years
  • Lifetime warranty for the original owner
  • Works with all vehicles: gasoline, diesel, and hybrid
  • Does not draw power from the battery
  • Less invasive to install than many competing products
  • Sold at the largest Chevrolet and GMC dealers in the US for over 20 years
  • More than 100,000 possible electronic combinations . . . and no master plug
  • Prevents theft by hot-wiring, computer swapping, code grabbing, key acquisition
  • Prevents 'push' or 'bump' starting of manual transmission vehicles
  • Most insurance companies will give ~20% discount on your comprehensive rates
  • Proven track record of reliability and dependable operation
  • Will not void your new car warranty (Magnuson-Moss Act)
  • Comes with two plugs (one a spare), additional plugs may be ordered
  • Comes with window stickers warning that the vehicle is protected by Ravelco
  • Compatible with all other factory and aftermarket alarm and security systems

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